About Us

What makes the School Employees Benefit Trust (SEBT) Successful?

  • All employer groups are equally represented on the Board of Trustees.
  • All stake holders participate.
  • Sub Committees provide a forum for focus.
  • Service partners are not under one umbrella.
  • We focus on how to stabilize the rate of trend.
  • We investigate enhanced purchasing power options.

Board of Trustees

The SEBT Board of Trustees is comprised of an employee and administrative representative from each of the 11 participating school corporations and 1 ESC. Each school and each delegate have equal voting power. They review the health insurance plan annually for cost and competitive plan designs. They have been committed to offering the best possible balance between cost and coverage for over two decades.

The actions of the Board of Trustees have allowed SEBT to continue providing schools and their members:

  • Competitive benefit options
  • Below peer and State plan costs
  • Online member access to plan details and member eligibility information

Member Employers

Adams Central

North Adams
Oak Hill
Region 8 Educational Service Center

Smith-Green Schools
South Adams
Southern Wells
Whitley County

Shafley Plan Management Services

Shafley Plan Management Services, LLC has partnered with SEBT for 20+ years. The SPMS team consists of 31 years of employee benefit management experience with 16 years emphasis on public sector clients. Concentrated consensus building has resulted in successful negotiations for creative employee cost sharing, wellness emphasis, and pooled vendor contracts to effect better than industry average trend.

Shafley Plan Management Services, LLC (SPMS) maintains an administration team that embraces each of our markets for local, specialized support. Our team proudly serves over 40,000 employees, spouses, sons and daughters throughout Indiana and Ohio.

Elaine Shafley, Chief Administrator Executive

Optimal Health Initiatives

40,000 members in Ohio & Indiana – Strong & Growing!

As a stand-alone Trust, The School Employees’ Benefit Trust has served its schools’ membership in good standing for over 30 years!

SEBT is also a member of a purchasing co-op called Optimal Health Initiatives. This co-op was co-founded by SEBT to leverage greater savings on vendor contracts, including custom provider discounts.

Optimal Health Initiatives is made up of more than 40,000 members from over 80 public employers located in Ohio and Indiana. Partnering with other public employers gives SEBT better purchasing power which means larger discounts and ultimately lower costs for members.

We believe that Optimal Health Initiatives will continue to fulfill their commitment to SEBT, offering optimal health benefits in an ever changing and complex economy.

To learn more about Optimal Health Initiatives, visit www.optimalhealthinitiatives.com